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A pie story...

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Fresh, homemade, real ingredients, molded from skilled hands into perfection, Grandma Ruth’s pies have been known to bring families together. How do I know? The pies did just that with mine.

Made from scratch, and yes, with Grandma Ruth’s love, the pies she baked brought us together throughout the years. The apple and berry flavored pies being the main instigators. She always made sure a special pie was reserved for me, hidden in a dresser drawer from everyone longing for a bite.

At 19, I watched each step in her meticulous baking abilities to absorb all of her knowledge. Every move was perfect, and if it wasn’t, we would start again.

The secret? Her hands. She would soak them in ice cold water before molding the crust into waves of flaky goodness, which I still do before making her pies now!

It isn’t just the ice cold water trick that makes Grandma Ruth’s pies so special. Each pie delivered holds organic, fresh berries or apples over a savory crust that is so mouthwatering it may make you want to hide yours in a dresser drawer too.



Granny smith apples, organic berries, organic butter, sugar, cinnamon, and flour, makes for the flakiest of crusts. Do I have your mouth watering yet? With a heap of flavors that explode on the first bite, my pies contain ingredients that are taste-tested before they go into your desserts. My pie baking skills are drawn from my performance background, knowing that I utilize the same techniques in baking as an orchestra does with music. The timing, the costumes, the ingredients of both the performance and the pie synchronize to create the most scrumptious treat your taste buds could imagine. So dig in, and don’t be ashamed to lick the pan clean.

"Why is this the first time I am having this pie?"

— Lauren Bacall

A family affair



Knowing full well that pies are not meant solely for holidays, I regularly brought pies to parties instead of wine, bringing a homemade gift rather than a store-bought bottle. Pies are instant conversation starters! My Grandma Ruth passed away two years ago and I knew I had to keep her pie recipes alive. And with my friends constantly telling me to start my own pie bakery, I finally acceded to the relentless demands of the pie-fanatics. As of April 2016, I’m doing just that – I sing opera professionally during the day and moonlight as a pie baker to ensure pastry eaters all throughout New York are satiated. After you’ve tried my pies you’ll soon be bringing them to your parties. But don’t worry – I won’t tell them you didn’t bake it yourself!


Where to find us




The Salt Box
Restaurant & Bar

99 Edgemere St
Montauk, NY 11954
(631) 238-5727

The Green Thumb

829 Montauk Hwy
Water Mill, NY 11976
(631) 726-1900

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At the moment, all online orders can only be placed for those getting delivery in the Hamptons. We plan to distribute our delicious pies across the country.

Please note that all pies are baked fresh to order. Orders must be placed at least 4 days before the delivery date. 

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